Sunday, 22 October 2017

VLOGGING: Back To The Future

I used to vlog all the time. Of course I did. But no one ever called it that back then. It was how many of us made videos in those days. Turn the camera on and see what happens. It was just the way it was.

Since then different video genres have come and gone, but nothing has been quite as enduring as the vlog. Unlike prank videos, sketch comedy videos, musical parody videos or anything else, the vlog can be made to suit the individual creator and his audience. It can involve travel or be performed from the comfort of the creator's favorite easy chair. With vlogging anything is possible.

So I guess what I am trying to say is I am going to try to incorporate vlogs into my video lineup. I started doing vlogs years ago. I just need to remember exactly how. 

Monday, 16 October 2017


One of the worst mistakes to make with me is assuming I am clueless about whatever is going on. Quite often I will see more than I let on. For months I have been gathering information from my own experiences as well as that of my right-wing colleagues and I think I have pieced it together now. It is either leave YouTube quietly or be unceremoniously booted out on my ass. And I have made my choice - I am no longer posting on YouTube. From this day forward I will be a user but not a creator as far as YouTube is concerned. 

As Geek Wisdom, I spent a great deal of time building a brand. When I decided to use my own name, I had to start my YouTube career all over again. I enjoyed using my own name, but I kind of missed Geek Wisdom as well. So I brought her back. But her home is not YouTube any longer. 

When I decided to bring my alias back, it wasn't without careful thought. Just as when I decided no more new content on YouTube, it was done with very deliberate thought. If you wish to follow the continuing adventures of Geek Wisdom, she now resides here. It's always good to have a Plan B, and maybe even Plan C if you are feeling creative. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

BLOG TO VLOG Keep Pressing On


For the past week or so, I have been affected by some type of cough.This also coincided with my "cold turkey" smoking cessation, so I am not entirely sure the  cough had nothing to do with what happened. For days I simply could not sing.

Singing means a whole lot to me. It means a wonderful release from any and all stress I felt that day. It means being good at something I was told endlessly that I sucked at. It means connecting with you in a very real way, no matter how far apart we are. So this blog post talks about how I found my way back to singing from my forced hiatus.

1. I relaxed. The worst thing for a singing voice is stress or sadness. I did a lot of deep breathing and staring off into the distance from my balcony (minus cigarette this time). I know I need relaxed vocal chords even to sings songs that are low on the register.

2. Be realistic. I knew i couldn't sing a "diva"-type song on a good voice day, much less on a day where I sounded like I was trying to cough up a bison. So I looked for songs that did not have a lot of unpredictable changes between notes and tempo. And those were the ones I tried first.

3. Give yourself permission to fail. When I tried to start singing again, I flubbed about 80% of the songs I tried. But I wouldn't let that stop me. I knew that somewhere deep inside lurked a decent singing voice. And I knew I could find it again if only I could give myself time. 

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

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I do not sing the same songs every day. I may not even sing the same genre every day. But just before I do sing a song, I shut my eyes for a moment and try to let my body tell me whether this is the right time for a song. I know that sounds kind of flaky but it's 100% true.That's part of my method.

And if I can stay quiet just for a moment like that and clear my thoughts, quite often I will be able to distill not only which genre to sing, but also which song. I don't uses meditation for any other facet of my life, even though I know some people swear by it. I only swear by the catharsis I feel when I sing a song that is totally "on point".

I remember a scene in the movie Summer School where Mark Harmon is trying to explain to a student who has a crush on him about catching the perfect wave; it is in reality not right for us all and we wipe out. But then we look again and see a more perfect wave than the first perfect wave and that's the one we catch. I don't get distressed when I am unable to sing a song on a particular day. Maybe that song is not for me that day. But maybe it will be tomorrow, and that's what I hold on to.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


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I did not start in high school like many people did. No, I was 25 years old and had a decent job. I remember how it happened. I had been having a stressful day and just wanted so badly to not feel stressed the way I was. So on break I turned to a smoker next to me and said, "Can I bum one?" At first she didn't want to give me the cigarette, but I managed to talk her into it. Once I started smoking, I didn't want to stop. 

My biggest problem when it comes to smoking is that I actually like it. I enjoy the intake and the release of however many carcinogens I am putting in my body all at once. I have tried to quit before but have always returned to my master - the cigarette. The last time I quit was the worst - when I realized just how much smoking does affect the brain's pain inhibitors. I was smoke-free for three weeks and then one day the pain hit me. And I had been smoking so long that I had no idea how bad it had gotten. I resigned myself to smoking and never trying to quit again.  Then came the doctor's visit when he told me I had chronic bronchitis. As a singer, that's the last thing I need. That, and my cigarettes that I was bound and bent to not let go. 

For the past week I have been coughing all the time. I knew I wasn't sick; I knew it was the cigarettes. Then today I took a selfie while I was out on the balcony having a cigarette. I looked at the picture. It looked gross to me, a lit cigarette between pursed lips. So that was it. I have to quit. I am tired of the cigarettes making me feel like I have walking pneumonia. Enough is enough. I really, really want this to be the end. 

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Monday, 28 August 2017


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To me, music provides a gateway to memories. Hearing a particular song, I can be taken back to that time and place. If it was a sad moment, I might feel tears on my cheek as I reminisce. If it was a happy moment, I might chuckle over that person I was long ago. This always happens when I hear music from the 80s.

During the 80s I was young, but not so young that I forget the joy, the hope, the anguish - everything that came with the prospect of growing up. Even then I indulged in what I call "cry porn". You may have done this as well. You feel sad, you want to let it out, but the tears won't come. So you pick up the record/cassette/CD containing the saddest song you know and you let it play. And that one song works every time.

But what about those happy moments, when life is perfect and you just want to let loose and celebrate? You have songs for that as well. And your room might already be equipped for such an occasion. I used to whip my hair around while singing into my hairbrush. And these songs always seem to be a little like potato chips - you can't listen just once. Dances and questionable vocals have to be thrown into the mix. Otherwise, what's the point of listening to the song in the first place?

Music heals a part of us that no other thing can touch. It lets us experience the whole gamut of emotions that come with being alive, and all we have to do is press 'play'. There is no other medium in the world like it. And no other occupation will let you touch someone as deeply as with your voice when you sing. Let us embrace this amazing gift each day.